“It’s a fantastic amp. Very old school Jennings era that really roars when cranked. If you have the chance to buy one – do it, you won’t be disappointed.”

“I love mine to death. It is the only amp I have ever owned that truly inspires me every time I turn it on.”

“Still have mine after several years now – trolley rig/NCM cabs/vintage silver Bulldogs – world class AC30 amp w/ vintage Valvo’s/Mullards the EF86 just about untouchable with a Tele or P90s…Matt designed a unique, inspiring platform.”

“I had a JMJ for 4 years. The BEST vintage AC30 amp I’ve ever played. It’s an amazing amp.”

“JMJ-30 all the way. You get the best three vintage VOX circuits into one very affordable head with exquisite construction and power scaling. Plus Matt is a top of the line guy. Don’t hesitate.”

“My jmj is the best amp I will ever own. IMO these amps are worth any wait.”

“I received a JMJ chassis from Matt Romasco early today. Matt does some really fine work. The amp resembles an old JMI era AC30 in it’s features, layout and tone. Nothing but top quality parts with a very simple, neat and clean layout. I am very pleased with the build quality on this amp.”

“More importantly, the amp sounds killer. Not hyped up like most Vox clones I’ve tried. Lots of tonal options with 3 different channels. Very simple but very effective IMO. The JMJ definitely has the classic growl and bigness of my old 61 and the top boost channel has that kool crang my old 63 had. Over the past 10 or so years I have purchased just about every Vox and Vox clone I could get my hands on.”

“Got to play [ZZZ]’s JMJ amp this afternoon. That amp is every bit as good as the real thing–the best old AC30s I’ve ever heard. It’s got exactly the same feel and sound.”

“The JMJ is the best sounding AC30 that’s been produced in the last 45 years, AFAIC. An absolutely tremendous sounding amp that completely captures the best old JMI era AC30 tones and feel. The hand-wired AC30s I’ve heard weren’t nearly as good, IMO.”